Four Md. Lawmakers Appointed to Higher Positions in House of Delegates

Four Md. Lawmakers Appointed to Higher Positions in House of Delegates

By: Dawn White
Updated: July 11, 2013
MARYLAND-  Four lawmakers from western Maryland have been appointed to major leadership positions in the Maryland House of Delegates.The house republican caucus made the appointments.

Delegate Michael Hough is now third in command in the Republican Party, as assistant minority leader. Delegate Kathy Afzali has been appointed as a deputy whip.

Two delegates are ranking members on committees, Delegate Kelly Schulz on economic matters and Delegate Leroy Myers on ways and means. The delegates hope to use their new leadership positions to help out western Maryland.

“I think it does give us a little more weight in western Maryland because we are there advocating for you and have a little bit more weight,” said Afzali.

“The democrats right now, they have a supermajority in Annapolis, and as they say, absolute power corrupts absolutely. We’ve seen it in western Maryland one tax increase after another. We’ve seen the rain tax, we’ve seen a gas tax increase, and working families, they just can’t take it anymore,” said Hough.

Three of the four delegates who were appointed to leadership positions are freshmen lawmakers. Those are delegates Schulz, Afzali, and Hough.

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